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April 2024


There's No Manual: Honest and Gory Wisdom About Having a Baby 
 Random House, 2020

Written by Beth Newell and Jackie Ann May

Illustrated by Jackie Ann May

"Most books on pregnancy seem to be written by people whose other profession is cross-stitching inspirational phrases on pillows. This book is not that. It is, for lack of a better term, a chill hang." - RACHEL BLOOM, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

"If you are looking to laugh and learn a ton, read this book! I learned way more about pregnancy and parenthood from this book than from The Davinci Code -- no offense to Dan Brown!" - MEGAN AMRAM, Parks and Rec

"This sharp, hilarious and 1000% relatable book gets to the heart of all Pregnancy Mysteries you actually need to know about, like how to handle pregnancy sex (lean into the oral), how to respond to strangers who want to know if the baby was 'an oopsie', and exactly which drugs to ask for and when (all of them, immediately, if you're me, but to each their own). My personal favorite section: how to plan the perfect birth for your baby to ruin...because babies don't give a f------k about birth plans. #Truth." (Jordan Reid, author of The Big Fat Activity Book for Pregnant People)

The info-packed, truth-telling guide expectant and new mothers have been screaming into their pillows for.

So you're making a person...and no one will stop telling you what to do about it. Your friends, your neighbors, your Uber driver--everyone is giving you unsolicited advice, to which Beth and Jackie say: F*ck advice! There's no "right" way to be pregnant or a new mom, only stretchy pants to be worn and choices to be made.

This illustrated guide asks and answers all the essential questions that pop up from the first trimester to the fourth, such as: Should I have an unmedicated or drugged-out birth? (Up to you!) Will I have time to pee as a new mom? (Maybe!) How do I avoid hating my partner? (That's a little more complicated.) Funny, feminist, and, above all, pro-mom, this book is an actually useful baby shower gift.

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